Connie Lansberg - Author'/singersongwriter

Connie’s first novel, The Perfect Tear, is suited to a young adult audience, but its message is universal. It’s an embowering fairytale of the heroine Eleanor who is gifted with songs that she can sing for the enlightenment of herself and others. The novel’s basic premise is how when love becomes stronger than fear our true character is revealed.

“As an artist, I’m on a quest to see what’s inside me—what I can pull out of my soul. I am unafraid of the consequences,” says the author/singer/songwriter.

 After an ambitious, and sometimes enervating, creative odyssey, Connie Lansberg has emerged with plans for what she calls a “six-headed monster,” a trilogy of interconnected album and book releases. These will be available as standalone purchases—CDs and books sold separately—and as a bundle package.

This three-part release series represents a milestone moment for Connie as these will be her first commercial offerings. The first installment includes her debut album, Deep Dark Down & Blue, an infectious collection of quirky jazz-pop performed by world-class musicians, and its companion novel, The Perfect Tear, a fantastical young adult adventure with an empowering message. Tying these two together are Connie’s literate flair and her gift for imaginative overarching themes.

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